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Started in 1998, the Winter Bird Count is an annual event that promotes cultural and environmental  awareness within the Community.  This special event features over 80 local and wintering bird species that call the Community’s environment home. Northern harriers, bufflehead ducks, white-crowned sparrows, and gila woodpeckers are among the birds seen each year.


The cultural aspect of the Winter Bird Count brings together the Community, especially youth and elders, to share and celebrate cultural ties to the birds of the Community. Culturally enriching bird songs, dances, and stories at the event are shared by knowledgeable cultural leaders of the Community. Field information gathered through the event is   useful in understanding bird population trends and habitat usage over time.

The GRIC DEQ sponsors the Winter Bird Count and partners with the Huhugam Heritage Center, Audubon Society, Tribal Rangers, and cultural leaders within the Community.