2018 was an exceptional first year for the Rio Reimagined Project. ASU’s University City Exchange, on behalf of the 8 river communities and numerous stakeholders, spearheaded initial project planning and recaps the milestones and highlights of ‘Year One’.
The designation of federal opportunity zones along 70% of the Rio Reimagined corridor are one of the many incentives for community development along the river.
On Saturday, November 9th, 2019, the Valley celebrated 20 years of one of the most popular and recognized destinations in Arizona, Tempe Town Lake. This video covers past, present and future plans for one of the signature and inspirational landmarks along the Rio Reimagined.
Michael Krause of Arizona-based architecture firm Krause has collaborated with Kartika Rachmawati for ECO2, the winning proposal of the international ideas competition Rio Reimagined 2018, which seeks to provide the vision for future development along the Rio Salado River.
Former U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor, Arizona’s first Hispanic member of Congress whose low-key style obscured his behind-the-scenes effectiveness in directing federal money to local projects, has died. He was 75.
In the 1960s, the Rio Salado wasn’t in good shape. It was largely barren and folks thought the river was dead.

With eyes set on creating a point of pride in the Valley, Arizona State University Dean James Elmore and his students devised a plan to reimagine the Rio Salado, creating an oasis across the Valley’s desert.

The plan, dubbed the Rio Salado Project, needed a Herculean effort that would require buy-in from multiple municipalities, the state and federal governments and the myriad of communities that make of the fabric of the Valley of the Sun. The creation of Tempe Town Lake is the only portion of that grand plan that has come to fruition. So far.
The American Institute of Architects Phoenix Metro Chapter, Urban Land Institute (ULI) Arizona and Arizona Forward call for groundbreaking proposals for the Valley’s most impactful green infrastructure project in a century – The Rio Reimagined.
The Phoenix-metro chapter of the American Institute of Architects has partnered with Arizona State University and the late Sen. John McCain's office to create a competition for redevelopment of the Salt River.
Former Arizona senator John McCain’s final initiative before his passing was the announcement of a multi-decade initiative to restore the Rio Salado river, dubbed as "The Rio Reimagined."
In the final year of his life, John McCain pushed a project he said could become his legacy: bringing life back to a dry riverbed that runs through metropolitan Phoenix.
In his Phoenix office, Senator John McCain kept a poster on the wall depicting Tempe Town Lake and the commercial developments that sprang up there after the man-made waterway opened in 1999. Wellington “Duke” Reiter, executive director of Arizona State University’s City Exchange Program, said that when he saw the picture, he knew McCain understood the power of the project.
Sen. John McCain was a trailblazer in many ways, including where he lived in metro Phoenix and his vision for the Valley’s growth.
About a month after he was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer, Sen. John McCain shared with a group of Arizona State University students an ambitious plan to restore the dry Salt River bed that crisscrosses the Valley.
Our urban rivers can be a source of civic pride that connects diverse communities as well as enhance the future economic and environmental vitality of the region...
More than 100 of Arizona's most influential business and political leaders from both sides of the aisle gathered in a theater overlooking Tempe Town Lake Friday...
Community leaders gathered near the Salt River on Friday, agreeing to re-imagine and revitalize communities that abutt the river bottom...
For centuries, the Salt River has been the lifeblood of the Valley...
It's a myth that Phoenix is a new city. This is not a "new" place. It's an ancient one. And few who live here understand how events thousands of years ago set the stage for the largest metropolis in Arizona and the fifth largest city in America...
Moderated by; Wellington Reiter, FAIA
Special Advisor to President
Office of University Affairs
The Salt River gave life to the Valley. Then it tore it apart. More than 100 years after dams dried up the portion of the river that cut across the Phoenix metropolitan area, some of Arizona's most influential leaders are trying to put...
At the request of Senator John McCain, a select group of Valley public and private leaders convened to discuss a collaborative vision for the future economic, social, and environmental vitality of the Rio Salado...